Infinity Creations is a writing, and production company founded by Sai Marie Johnson June 23, 2010. Sai Marie is the creator, and content writer of the stories which have been published under Infinity Creations. (IXCreations)
©2006-2013, All Rights ReservedSome of the best known story concepts created by Ms. Johnson include, The Selkie Secret (Vanna MacAllister YA Series), The Tales of Valisa: the Tamiran Elves Legacy, The Age of Enlightenment: the Libertine Revolution (Von Masoch Family), and The Dark Priesthood: Confessions of Malevolence (Sanguine Lineage). Sai is a three time published poet, and has several other graphics designs, photo manipulations, written pieces that she has been working on since August 14, 2006.


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