Sai Marie Johnson

Poet. Novelist. Crafter of Worlds with Words.


A creative writer born in the majestic State of Oregon, where she says her imagination took ahold of her exploring the great forests of the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by the wilderness and the liberalism of her birth city, Sai Marie began telling stories long before she could ever write them down.

With several years experience as both an independent author and now represented by a publisher, Sai knows the ins and outs of the publishing industry and has created a name for herself in the freelance graphic and content writing field, as well as with her novels. Sai’s ability to hone in on what works in marketing strategy and design has given her a cutting-edge approach to the newest trends in the industry.

Sai has worked with many USAT/NYT bestselling authors and has a strong network with some of the leading top authors in contemporary romance, urban fantasy, paranormal and horror genres. She has completed several projects and book trailers for these same authors and works daily with them on many different aspects of the publishing industry. She is repeatedly well reviewed and has consistently been praised for her efficiency and speed in reaching deadlines with crushing success.

Sai Marie Johnson holds two degrees from Full Sail University, both in Creative Writing; a BFA and an MFA.

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