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InKitt Success and My Experience

So, if you have been keeping up on things then you already know that I have been competing in the InKitt $6000 publishing contest with my book, Forbidden Fantasies. This book is a contemporary urban fantasy/paranormal romance that takes place in Nashville, TN and centers around Araceli Nativa. So far, the book has had well over 500 reads and there are now only eleven (11) copies of the ebook available to download at this time.

So, in short, this is your prime time to get my newest completed book to read completely for free. Here are some of the reviews;

“the characters drew me in . . .” ~Cecily Wolfe *****

“this book it completely sucked me in…” Chaeli *****

“Could not put it down. Read the entire book in one sitting…” Bigvol *****



Araceli Nativa


A sheltered life has kept her from experiencing so much but college in Music City brings her away from the sleepy little Alabama town of her raising and yet Araceli still hasn’t experienced anything that the typical freshman collegiate has. That is until a fateful October night when peer pressure and her inhibitions are thrown the the wind but when the star quarterback for the Vanderbilt Commodores winds up dead with her being the last person to see him alive things get really strange.

Abel Slaine

For the past several millennia he has been on the hunt for her – The evil demon goddess who cursed him to walk the rest of his life in the shadows after murdering his beloved wife, and now there’s a new one; one who has freshly awaken and he would slay her just as he had all the rest. Abel’s judgment is never clouded and nothing could ever stop him from his goal – or could it?

Find out in Forbidden Fantasies

To see the reviews for yourself check them out here!


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