Tiffany Apan Interview Blog Swap: Romance and Eroticism in Literature

Tiffany Apan

Today I’m doing a blogswap with the multi-talented Tiffany Apan. We will be discussing love and eroticism in romantic literature.

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Author Sai Marie -Tiffany Apan

What do you think it is about sex and love that fascinates or draws people?
TA: I think that it is probably one of the most powerful emotions that a person can feel and go through, aside from anger. Interestingly, those two emotions – despite seeming polar opposites – have much in common. Both are fueled by passion, not very often by reason. Love can also dictate other emotions, such as sadness, joy, fear, and so on. Sex is also very compatible with love, particularly romantic love, but that too can be woven in with other emotions and feelings.
I believe that humans in general are most often driven by love in some form or another; people often make important life decisions based on feelings of love, and such feelings very often dictate a direction that he or she might choose to go in. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic love, though it is quite often a contributing factor.

Overall, I think it is the emotion that people tend to relate with the most, whether they realize it or not.


Do you think it’s an important component of art and literature?
TA: Definitely. Much of the greatest and most popular literature ever written involved love and romance. Most of the greats, from Dante Alighieri to William Shakespeare to Zane Grey all have love and romance as a main component in their stories. If you ask people to name ten of the most memorable pieces of art and literature, or even the memorable events throughout history, the majority of works and events mentioned will likely boast love or romance in some form or another.

How do you incorporate it into your own stories?
TA: Obviously, it isn’t something that can be forced. You can’t force two people to love each other in real life and you can’t do it in fictional works either! In my writing, it is very much a part of my characters and their lives. It is part of their journeys and fuels much of what they go through as individuals.

Do you think it’s possible to write a compelling story without it?
TA: It can probably be done, but I personally think that love often finds its way into a plotline in one form or another, even if it isn’t the romantic kind.


How is erotica and love relevant to your most recent works?
TA: While I haven’t written a straight up erotica story, there is definitely a great deal of eroticism in my works. Sometimes it’s hinted at, other times it’s more blatant. I very often incorporate sex (or at least sexual attraction) because for me, scenes involving love and sex (be it simply the emotions or the full act) can really contribute to a character’s growth and allow the reader to see the inner workings of the characters. Because it is in those moments that a person is at his or her most vulnerable. Overall I can’t imagine my stories without it.
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