Author Spotlight: Mila Waters



First tell us a little bit about yourself, and who you are:
I am a single mom, a writer, a reader, a dreamer, and a lover of music, art, whisky, and cheese. Guess being from Wisconsin has its perks.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?
To be famous one day. HAHA! But seriously, my 16 year old son read a rough copy of the next story I’m going to release and told me he thinks I’m going to be famous. Honestly, I just want to get the stories in my head out. If people read them and like them, all the better.

Which writers inspire you?
I am inspired by some of the greats. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Laurell K Hamilton, as well as my good friends Gwyn McNamee and Verlene Landon. Both of them write some of the steamiest romances I’ve ever read.

14947551_155478884919133_7518364130643956595_nSo, what have you…

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