Into Obscurity


Pretty young woman with light brown hair dressed in khaki cargo shorts, and a light blue tanktop. Hair is pulled back from her face in a messy bun, and she is seated on the couch with a notepad, and a pen while holding a cellphone to her ear.

“Can you tell me how much it costs to rent a campground at Lake Pontchartrain?”

On the other end, not visible, but voiceover can be heard.
“It is twenty-five dollars a night. Weekend trips can be booked in advance for forty dollars. Which is a ten dollar discount. I can charge it to your credit card, and reserve it for you now.”

Writing down the price, and discount information as she nods to what she is being told.
“Can I call back after I speak to my partner about that, and still get the reservation?”

“Yes, but if you want to make any plans for the Labor Day Holiday then it will have to be booked no later than tomorrow. We only have five campgrounds available at this time.”

Still nodding to the operator’s voice.
“I see well my boyfriend should be home in another hour, and I will call back then. Thank you.”

Hanna is distracted for a moment by the sound of keys unlocking the front door, and as soon as she presses the end button of her phone her boyfriend, Greg, had already stepped inside the house.

Turning around to lock the door again speaks to Hanna, but does not look at her.
“Who were you talking to? Did you find out about the campground?”

Smiles, and drops her notepad, pen, and phone on the couch before crossing the room to wrap her arms around Greg’s waist.
“That was who I was just talking to, and it would be forty dollars if we book today. She also said if we wanted the Labor Day Holiday for our weekend that we needed to book no later that tomorrow. I was just telling her I was going to talk to you first.”

Slips his hands down to cover Hanna’s, and leans his head back to press a kiss to her cheek.
“Sounds good, babe. Call her back, and book it.”

Giggles slightly, and releases her hold on him only to turn around, and bound away towards the phone.
“Sure thing, Captain.”

Hanna sticks out her tongue before pressing redial, and going through the process of making the call. While Hanna does this Greg goes into the kitchen, and starts putting away dishes that remain in the strainer.

After a few moments of this Hanna comes back into the kitchen with the confirmation code of their reservation, and a beaming smile.

“Looks like we are good to go on the reservation. Now we just need to get everything together for the hike, and trip. I am so excited about this.”

Looking back to Hanna he smiles, and nods.
“Yeah, so am I. It will be great to get out of town for a little bit. Especially going down south. Nothing like that part of Louisiana to get an appreciation for nature.”

Giving a nod of agreement she leans against the counter, and drops the notepad on top of it.
“So are you going to have to work tonight again?”

Completing the task of putting up the last dish he sighs, and turns around with a nod.
“Sadly, yes, but that is what it takes to make the money my baby girl needs for this trip. Isn’t it?”

Eyes avert to the ground as a slight blush captures her cheeks.
“You’re a hopeless romantic, Greg. You even make working sound like a dream gift for any girl. How did I get so lucky?”

Chuckling he keeps it to himself that he asked for the extra hours.
“Well, giving you what you need requires that, Hanna. We all know I’m really the one who is lucky.”

Hanna smiles again, and walks over to the fridge to extract two beers. As she walks back to Greg she speaks again.
“You are a flatter, and for that I think I at least owe you a beer.”
He laughs, and takes the beer cracking the can top, and taking a quick drink before he speaks again.
“My mama always told me the way to a woman’s heart is flattery, and in return I get a beer. Sounds like a fair deal to me.”

Shakes her head, and cracks open her own beer only to draw it up to her lips, and take a deep gulp.
“Maybe if I am lucky she will be my mom-in-law soon, but I don’t know if any girl can completely latch a chain on you, Gregory.”

Flinches at his full name being mentioned, and shakes his head.
“Now let’s not go getting ahead of ourselves, Missy. Calling me Gregory isn’t gonna win you any debates!”

Again sticks out her tongue in a playful gesture since she knows Greg actually likes the harmless flirting more than he lets on.
“Who said I was winning debates tonight? I just thought I would reiterate that lovely name my future mother-in-law gave her handsome son.”

Takes another long drink of his beer, and sets it down on the counter. With his now freed hand he waves for Hanna to come closer.
“Come here, little darling, and I’ll show you what calling me Gregory will cause!”

Laughing she approaches, and places her own beer beside his.
“You don’t have to ask me twice.”

Wraps his arms around her, and pulls her close to him as he presses a tender kiss to her forehead.
“You will have me married, and a daddy to four children in the end won’t ya?”

Laughing softly she places her head against his shoulder, and trails the tip of her fingers over his cheek.
“If I have my way you’re damn right I will.

Chuckling he closes his eyes, and rocks her gently in his arms.
“Somehow I think you’ve alway had a way of getting your way with me, Hanna. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

She smiles again, and removes her head from his shoulder.
“So what do you want to have for dinner? We need to get something going before you have to go in.”

Releases Hanna, and walks over to pick up a phone back sitting on the island of their kitchen.
“Chinese take-out? I had to get a couple hours rest afterwards so I think it would be best if we order out, and watch a movie. Then I’ll go to sleep, and be ready for Fire Hall duty tonight.”

With a nod of agreement Hanna picks up her phone, and walks towards him taking the phonebook in the process.
“Sounds great, Captain. How about you go find something on Netflix for us to watch, and I’ll take care of the hot meal?”

Starts to walk away, but stops long enough to kiss Hanna’s cheek again.
“Sounds like a plan to me, Hanna.”

Begins to flip through the phonebook until finding a suitable take-out restaurant, and then proceeds to dial the number on her phone.
After a few minutes she emerges from the kitchen to find Greg sitting on the couch with Netflix open on their X-box, and flipping through the movies lists.
“Take out should be here in about thirty minutes. Did you find something interesting to watch yet?”

Looks up with the X-box Controller in his hand, and shakes his head.
“Not yet. There were a couple of different movies I thought you may want to watch, but I did find some tv shows.”

Perks her left brow, and sits down next to him.
“Well, show me what is in the lineup, Captain.”

Laughing to himself he navigates through the options showing Hanna the choices that stood out.
“Anything you particularly want to see?”

As she watches him go through the options one movie does stand out, and she asks him if he would be willing to watch. It is a chick flick, and a Channing Tatum film that she has been wanting to see for awhile.
“Its one of those sappy romances that I know you will just love. You know The Notebook style?”



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