Tears of Joyous Creation – The Tales of Valisa Series

Valisa: Tears of Joyous Creation

Part 1:

In the beginning there was a great expanse of blank space within the heavens, and the king of the gods found himself quite lonely. It was within this solitude that he birthed an idea to create for himself beings, which were smaller than he, but just as magnificent. The sentiment within his heart at this idea caused a sensation he had never felt before and so Echiel, the king of the elven gods, was the first to express such of the entire heavenly host. Only five tears were shed, but each tear was different than the one preceding it. The first tear was clear blue, and could easily be identified as the natural tear that humans are known to release when they experience an emotional catalyst. It was his five tears that brought the very existence of Valisa, and her peoples to life. That first tear brought forth the waters that would eventually be shaping into the seas that surrounded the entirety of the country. The second tear was a single drop of mud that would later become the earth, and landmasses of the elven utopia known as Valisa.  The third tear was odd because it appeared to descend from Echiel’s eye but then soon became soft, and cloudlike. This was the tear of air. The fourth tear caused a reddening scar to appear like a gash from the bottom of Echiel’s eyelid to the point where it dripped from his chin. Why you may ask was this? Because it was the tear of fire, but the final tear to descend from Echiel’s eyes was the color of rubies for it was a blood tear. As each tear dropped to the floor beneath Echiel’s feet they pooled together forming a massive dark puddle. As he watched the puddle began to expand across the floor, and kneeling downward he placed the tip of his right index finger within the midst of the liquids and began to swirl his finger round and round staring into the recesses of the black abyss in silence as he continued to mix his biological concoction. When he was finally appeased with his mix he lifted his finger and placing a gentle kiss to the tip of his index he then pointed at the puddle and began to recite in Aerenal elven the words needed to create his precious new species; the Seelie sidhe. From this primordial soup Echiel created the entire realm for his new people providing all things including water, sunlight, fire, animals, and a vast array of vegetation to eat. It was a thriving and beautiful country he called, ‘Valisa,’ and it would one day become the home country of a great Elven Queen, and her chosen King. Lord and Lady Tamira or Marcus, and Tri’Shena. In fact one day Echiel would actually become the biological father of the First Daughter the very same young woman to marry Lord Marcus of Tamira Province. And this is how the races of the Tamiran elves came to be.

Part 2:

Supreme Being:
In the above story the supreme deity is introduced as the one whom notes all the emptiness as decided to fill it with something to entertain himself with. The deity is named Echiel in the third sentence of the story. It’s easy to identify him as the Supreme deity because it mentions him being the king of the elven gods in the first few sentences, and right after his introduction. After he is introduced it explains that he was the one who was inspired with the idea to create Valisa, and therefore establishes himself as the creator. This confirms he is the Supreme Deity in the story. As the story continued and he cried his own tears I believe that showed some genuine concern for what he was making, and it was those tears which brought the concept in Echiel’s mind to life. This is for me the key factor in determining what Archetype Echiel filled. Clearly after reading the myth it is easy to figure out that he is indeed the Supreme Deity, and being because he created it all and even has sovereignty established in the dynasty of the people who worship him as a god.

Generations After:
The Generations after is introduced in the last few sentences of the myth where Echiel’s daughter is named, and her future role in the world of the elves her father created. I think this embodies the archetype because it states in the myth that she is directly related to the Supreme Being. This in fact makes her a demigod, but also establishes Echiel’s future creations, and how they will be affected by his own offspring in the future. This is important because as the story unfolds with Tri’Shena many fans could become lost as to why it is she is always struggling with the incessant desire to do good deeds. She does this in order to avoid condemning herself from the godhood she so desperately wishes to seat herself within. This builds up a plot line for this character that will become one of the more famous creations from the Valisan realm. It is only a brief mention within the Creation myth, but it is enough of a statement for the reader to learn some valuable information for the stories still untold.

Diver’s Myth:
The Diver’s Myth is introduced when Echiel begins to work with the tear puddle he cried, and from this point he goes right to work on building the realm and the people who will inhabit it. It is at this point that he dives into creating them, and it is at this point that we figure out what pushed past the inspiration to make them into the actual creative process. My personal opinion about how we can see this is because from reading it the steps are in order, and if you were chopping up the myth into categories to fill this would be the point in the story that suits this category. After he plays in the mud puddle, so to speak, he is effectively “dived” right in. Anything that occurs after this point should move on to the patterns of the realm, and how the peoples conduct themselves. This isn’t the birth part either although I suppose the next part to occur after it is. Being that after he dives into creation the next thing to happen is the people appear.

World Cycles:
I would have to say the part of my myth where world cycles come into play is probably hard to recognize at first because it isn’t spoken of directly, but after the puddle is mixed and the process of birth occurs is when the cycles of the world begin. It’s about the time when the explanation of the provisions that Echiel made for his creations that we can identify them beginning. It is here that we are told he created an abundance of food, and plant life to sustain his beings. It is in this part of the myth that we gather what all he gave to the world and the needs to the creations he placed within it. I think this embodies the function because it shows where they started. I have to be honest though this was definitely one of the more difficult functions to recognize in my myth. Thankfully, however, I feel satisfied that Echiel’s behaviors, and the story listings should bring us through that function with some ease.
Birth is introduced after all the tears have descended from Echiel’s eyes, and formed a large puddle on the ground beneath him. Once Echiel mixes this primordial stew he creates the first life of his new realm, Valisa. It is here that we identify the birthing of a new planet, and all of the many things needed to sustain life on a new planet. It is also from this that everything he needs to provide for his new creatures manifests itself, or births itself into existence. I think that this is probably one of the easiest functions to identify in my myth because it is the most prevalent part of the myth. It is the climactic part of the myth where everything that he had cried for came to be. It is from this point forward that he is shown to have succeeded in his task.

Loss of Innocence:
I had a difficult time finding out exactly where the loss of innocence occurred in my myth because it isn’t something really easily identifiable. I suppose it could be the moment Echiel is inspired to make the creation because he is no longer innocent of the thought. It is the inspirational thought he has when seeing the dark empty void that caused him to cry from the beginning. It was those tears, which brought forth the liquid needed to create all other aspects of Valisa. It seems to me the clear answer is that the loss of innocence must occur at the moment Echiel has the idea to create his new source of entertainment: Valisa, and her peoples. Again this was another difficult one for me to put a label on in my own myth. The story, however, still has a lot to reveal past this myth, and I am hoping the myth gave the reader some insight into future adventures in this storyline.


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