Infectious Seduction

Infectious Seduction

by Author Sai Marie

It started with a look
An innocent demeanor
A few uttered words
Couldnt be spoken any sweeter
Quickening your heart
As you inch even closer
subtle glances, second chances
A heated intensity
You hold intrigue
You’re a mystery
I find myself drawn
Even when you’re not around
I wonder what I’ll see
when you open up those bounds
You watch, you speak, you move
you drink..
And somehow you’ve infected the way that I think.
Its wrong, its raw
Its odd, its true
How strange it is to see
that out there existed someone like you
In all my aging journeys
and every one I’ve met
There’s something odd about this.
I feel like I should be your pet.
You inspire a need with me
You bring me to a place I’ve not traipsed on before.
And every time you walk away
I stare longing at the door.
I dont know what will happen
I dont dare speak to defy it
I just know that hours pass and seem
not long enough to last whenever you are around
I know I shouldnt feel it
I know I shouldnt give it another thought
But it seems like since I met you..
You’ve invaded my every thought.


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