by Sai Marie Johnson

part II of The Scarlet Erotique Series

Camille could almost hear his voice over as she stepped into the tub, and leant forward to turn on the water. She leant against the tiled wall, and inched her fingers into the stream while waiting for the water to warm. Patiently she continued to think about him. As the thought of him trailing his tongue along her dripping puss pushed into her mind. Anxiously she stood up on her tiptoes, and pulled the shower-head down. She parted her thighs widely, and brought the stream down to spray across the swollen center of her slit. As the water splashed out across her core Camille shuddered, drawing her lip into her mouth and whimpering softly. It was then that she recalled his admission to filming her. With this in mind she slid down to her knees drawing her head back and spraying the water out across her breasts as her free hand slid to inch her middle and index finger down to her cunt. She parted her labia widely, and then brought the nozzle back down to center with her throbbing clitoris. Thighs widened even more as she accommodated the size of the shower-head, and her tiny little nub. As the stream continued to mercilessly beat upon her clit, Camille’s lips slithered across her face capturing her cheeks in a sinfully delighted grin.


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