New Projects in the Works!

Hey guys,


Well to make this short, sweet, and to the point I’m just going to go over the basic outline:

I’m writing a new script this month to be titled Secrets of the Day. It is the story of Adalet Kytx, and Brock Hale; two successful, and proficient government agents who cross paths at a very young age. Adalet discovers a conspiracy to unleash a biologically engineered mega virus that is capable of taking out a third of the global population. What is worst is that Lettie later learns those she trusts most are the very culpable entities behind the plot.

I’m also going to be working on finishing The Age of Enlightenment: the Libertine Revolution #1, the Sadist’s Touch. This book was supposed to be completed already, but many things have kept pushing the deadline back. Good news is I am already working on writing some more on the manuscript now.

In addition to this I have started working on Forbidden Fantasies again, and have finally settled on a unique name for the male lead in the book, Leonidas Kickson Wells. The name was the invention of my brother, but with his approval I’ve decided it is the perfect name for Araceli’s love interest.


Keep your eyes peeled guys. There is a lot of cool stuff coming up here in the next few months. I hope you enjoy everything I’m working on, and continue to work on to bring smiles to your lovely faces! 😀


One more thing: I was published in Ground Waters Magazine Spring quarterly issue titled, Ripple. The magazines are available for a humble ten dollar subscription. If you like more information about Ground Water Magazine please visit their website.




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